10 melhores lugares onde você pode comprar fita adesiva grande e barata em 2021

You may know how good washi tape is in DIYs. Despite wasting time on tying bows or other shapes, washi tape offers a new way of decoration. There are no spins, no glue, no cord, or other hassle projects. All you need to prepare is your favorite washi tape. Well, scissors are also needed.

Then here comes the question – “where can I buy washi tape?”. If you do not want to go to Walmart Supercenter and local departments, you can head to the following washi tape online shops instead. Thus, you do not need to go outside to buy washi tapes. Just open your computer and choose few clicks. Sooner, you will receive washi tape in all sorts of pictures and colors.

1. Amazon - Compre pacotes de fita Washi baratos online

Amazon has been one of the most popular online services with all kinds of stuff. If you want to buy cheap washi tape bundles, you can quickly get the result by choosing Preço: Baixo para Alto de Ordenar list on the top right corner.

When you search washi tape on Amazon, you can see various choices. For instance, 60 rolls of 3mm washi tape charge only $6.88. If you own the Prime membership, then you can even get the two-day free delivery.

All customers get free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon.

2. Cute Tape - Compre Japanese / MT / Classy / Solid / Maste / Collage + / Fun / New Washi Tape

Fita fofa is a place where you can buy kinds of washi tapes. For instance, there are Japanese washi tape, solid washi tape, classy washi tape, and other cute types. Cute Tape provides thousands of washi tapes in different themes, sizes, colors, patterns, designs, and fabrics.

Comparing with Amazon, Etsy, Wish, and other traditional services, Cute Tape charges a little high. Moreover, it offers US free shipping for different washi tapes under specific cases.

There is US free shipping with washi tape over $100.

3. Michaels - Compre fita Michaels Washi online

Michaels offers both local shops and online services. So you can purchase a washi tape, Michaels, order online without going out. If you buy washi tapes in the season sale, you can save up to 70%!

Moreover, you can head to Michaels Stores on Pinterest to have a look first. There are many creative ideas about the washi tape target you can get.

When your order reaches $49.00, you can get the free shipping service. Of course, you can choose free store pickup instead.

4. Fonte de papel - Loja de fitas Washi online

Fonte de papel offers different price ranges for personalized washi tapes. So you can head to the washi tape according to your budget quickly. Well, there are 38 washi tapes under $5. As for $5 to $10, you can get 57 washi tape items.

However, Paper Source does not describe each size accurately in the washi tape set. Thus, you can buy washi tape from the provided images only. In addition, many other gifts classify by recipients.

There is free standard shipping on all orders for $40 or more.

5. Dollar Tree - Serviço online para fitas

Se você quiser comprar fita washi Dollar Tree, then you may be disappointed. It does not offer many choices for you. At present, you can get adhesive paper craft tape, crystal clear washi tape, double-sided tape, and others, but not for washi tapes.

But if you are looking for household supplies and cleaning tools, then Dollar Tree may satisfy your need. Well, it also provides toys, crafts, and school supplies.

There is a free in-store pickup service with UPS ground or expedited delivery.

6. Simon Says Stamp - Compre fitas Washi de marcas populares

It is an online shop for many handmade tools include washi tapes. Well, you can head to the “Adhesives & Tape” category on the top. There are many kinds of choices for you to adhere things. As for washi tapes, Simon Says Stamp fornece 184 itens online.

Honestly, its product image is not clear enough. You enlarge it for more details. In addition, the online service allows users to search a band to get the target as well.

All USA orders under $75 for a flat fee is $6.99. As for orders above $75, you will pay $7.99.

7. Hobby Lobby - Fita Washi impressa à venda

Salão Hobby is an online platform for crafts and decorations. It offers several departments for washi tapes, including scrapbooks & paper crafts, clearance, party & baking, art supplies, and crafts & hobbies.

Wanna know new items of washi tape in the Hobby Lobby? It releases unicorn washi tape, justice league washi tape, superman washi tape, batman washi tape, and more from Paper House and other brands.

The order subtotals up to $15 charge $6.95 for standard delivery in the 48 contiguous United States. Later, the more washi tapes you buy, the more expensive delivery fees will be.

8. The Paper Parlour - Compre fitas de lavagem e outras decorações de papel

Existem 51 fitas coloridas de washi fornecidas pela The Paper Parlor. Those washi tape items do not have themes or patterns. So if you are looking for cute sticky washi tapes, you can browse the online service for a try.

Well, you can buy other small gifts and school supplies in The Paper Parlour too. Of course, it also supports if you want to search for a washi tape brand.

There is free UK delivery on orders over£25.

9. Artesanato do consumidor - Onde comprar fita adesiva de recordações

Artesanato do consumidor provides washi taps from Recollections mainly. What’s more, it prefers to sell packs of washi tapes instead of a single item. As for skinny washi tapes, Consumer Crafts does not offer much.

In addition, you can buy papercraft, art supplies, and other gifts from Consumer Crafts. Furthermore, it offers many products on sale too.

There is free shipping for orders over $49.

10. Wishy Washi - Compre fita Washi de tamanho real online

Assim como o nome dele mostra, Wishy Washi is an online site that offers all kinds of washi tapes. To be more specific, you can get Japanese washi tape, decorative tape, mt casa, trimming and twine tapes, and more.

Comparing with other online washi tape shops, Wishy Washi offers detailed information on each washi tape target though its delivery may be slow.

There is free shipping for washi tape orders over $50.

Have difficulty in finding an online washi tape store? Just feel free to contact us if you are confused about where to buy washi tape. Well, please don’t hesitate to share with us if you know of any good place to get special washi tapes.