Mais de 20 ideias de decoração de Páscoa para 2021 - Decoração de casa de Páscoa DIY impressionante

If it were the first time to enjoy Easter with your family, you would better have an Easter Home Décor. When you want to DIY Easter craft with your kids, you have to get the ideas for impressive DIY Easter home décor below. These stunningly simple ideas have us dreaming in pastel. Just read the article to learn more detailed information about the Easter decoration ideas now.

1. Coelhinho de malha gigante

A Giant knit bunny is not only an Easter home décor but also a great gift for your child. When you place the giant bunny on the sofa or house of a child, it should be a cozy gift for home and child. It takes a period and professionalism to knit the giant bunny.

2. Vaso floral da Páscoa

Take advantage of the left eggshell. You can DIY another Easter home décor, floral Easter vast. Make sure to dig a small hole on the top of the egg. You can add some wax to make sure the eggs can stand when adding flowers into the vast.

3. Coroa de videira

Hang some wooden eggs to a plain wooden wreath with pastel embroidery thread. Besides the Easter eggs, you can also add some wooden balls to decorate the grapevine wreath. There are multiple solutions to decorate the Easter home décor.

4. Ovo de Páscoa pendurado

To decorate a white wall of hose, you can also try some colorful egg handing. What you have to do is painting the Ovos de Páscoa in multiple light colors. After that, you can use a stick to hang all the Easter eggs as the Easter home décor.

5. Mesa de Ovos Dourados

How about the dinner Easter home décor ideas? The Easter dinner should be one of the parts of the Easter festival. You can add some golden Easter eggs, a black table cover as well as a white china cup and so on.

6. Garland Bunny

It is another method to decorate the home wall for Easter. You can sew some colorful bunnies with cotton and clothes. After that, you can paint the bunnies to have a better Easter home décor. Add them into one line to make it stunning.

7. Guardanapos de coelho

Bunny napkins should be a simple Easter home décor idea for the dinner table. If you are interested in folding linen napkins into bunny napkins, you can learn more details from Google tutorials to make everyone around the table smile.

8. Floral Tassel Garland

It should be a great experience to hang around your appetizer or dessert tablet to give a little something extra. If you purchase it from Amazon or eBay, it takes only a few minutes. It should be much more complicated for DIY Easter home décor.

9. Louça delicada com cenoura

Delicate carrot dishware should be a simple Easter home décor idea. You wrap the dishware with some orange tissue. After that tie, a green silk trim to orange tissue to make a carrot shape. It should be carrot dishware for Easter.

10. Decoração de Páscoa

Besides the home Easter decoration, you can also try outdoor decoration for the Easter festival. Do some Easter crafts with your friends and family to make these large carrots in your yard on Easter day with family and the neighborhood.

11. Decoração de Páscoa com casca de ovo

When you make some dishes with eggs, you can use the eggshells to make Easter home décors, like the eggshell pig, sheep, or bunny. What you need to do is use some paper or cotton to decorate the item.

12. Ninho para árvore floral

Since there are many flowering trees in spring, you can also take Easter home décor for the floral tree. Add a small nest with some small Easter egg or even a bird. The excellent Easter home décor idea should make the whole house warm and cozy.

13. Ovos de Páscoa Honeycomb

To make the small honeycomb eggs as Easter home décor out of honeycomb paper pads, first, create an egg-shaped template out of paper. Fold in half and trace this onto your honeycomb pads, making sure the egg shape goes against the glue lines on them.

14. Decoração de ovos de renda

Se você não quiser usar os ovos para decoração, também pode fazer ovos com enfeites de renda. Basta embrulhar o guarnição do laço to an egg pattern. What is more, you can also recycle the lace trims of Easter home décor if you need to use the lace trims for other usages.

15. Pinturas em madeira de coelho

If you are good at drawing, you can share some time to draw a bunny on wooden paintings. Of course, if you have no idea about the Easter home décor idea, you can also search for a similar item or custom one from Etsy or other sites.

16. Frascos de Páscoa Speckle

Of course, you can take advantage of the empty jars, which you can draw some colors to the Jars. Besides, you can also add some small trees, flowers, and other Easter home décors to make the whole thing great.

17. Prato de papel de Páscoa

As for the Easter Home décor for kids, you can also make some Easter paper dishes. Just use some orange and green paper to make a carrot shape. After that, you can add some bunny cake to the carrot. It should be a wonderful gift for your kids.

18. Ovo de Páscoa

To make an Easter egg tree, you have to DIY some Easter eggs to make a tree. After that, you can bundle all the Easter eggs to a stick to make it a tree shape. You can place the Easter egg tree in a bottle or vast for Easter home decoration.

19. Garrafa de Chocolate Bunny

It is easy to buy some Chocolate in bunny, egg shape during the Easter festival. After that, all you need to do is décor the bunny chocolate with some glass bottle. It should be an easy method to get Easter home décor on a sunny Easter day.

20. DIY Páscoa Decoração de parede

Of course, you can combine the material in your home to decorate your house for the Easter festival. Just choose some egg shape decorations. You can get a good Easter home décor only within a few minutes.