20 rendas italianas para finalmente obter aquele visual sofisticado

When we talk about Italian, we mean classic and sophistication. If you are into this kind of thing then you will love this Italian lace list we have gathered for you. Read on and find out the best one for you.

1. SanVera17 African Italian Lace Net Fabrics

Corda de tecido francês nigeriano bordado e cordão de guipura com miçangas manual $ 38.99

Made from net, polyester, and lace, this nice Italian fabric will make your dress and gowns a true show stopper. Perfect for sewing dresses, shirts, skirts, shawls, scarves, pillowcases, table cloth, and more.

2. WorthSJLH African French Italian Lace Fabrics

5 Yards Gold Bridal Lace Fabric 2018 Nigerian Lace Fabric with Beads and Rhinestones $49.99

It has measurements of Length: 5 yards (180 inches). Width: 120cm-130cm(51-52 inch). It is ideal for a Nigerian wedding, party, birthday, and much more.

3. B-COOL Italian Classic White Wedding Lace

60 X120 Inch $12.80

Feito de poliéster e laço bordado, this Italian lace is versatile. You can make use of it for your wedding, romantic candlelight dinner, bridal shower, baby shower, and much more.

4. ShinyBeauty Italian Lace Party Tablecloth

Tecido floral rústico $ 12.97

It measures about 60x120-Inch and is made from nylon. This nice Italian lace has a floral and scalloped design. Perfect for weddings, romantic candlelight dinners, bridal showers, and much more.

5. Floral Motifs Boho White Italian Lace Applique Trim

Sequins Flower Embroidery Applique Sewing Craft $6.99

Este bom guarnição floral do laço has measurements of 3.5 x 2.6 x 0.71 inches and is made from polyester. You will love it for your bridal headpiece, hair flower, bridal gown applique, bridal sash sewing, and more.

6. Lace Realm Bridal Solid Raschel Italian Lace Fabric

It has a measurement of 36 x 60 inches and is made from polyester. This nice lace fabric is easy to cut and use. Perfect for wedding gowns, dresses, and other DIY projects.

7. QXUJI Sewing Italian Lace Ribbon Trim

7 Inch Wide Lace Fabric $9.98

Made from 100% cotton, this Italian lace is suitable for children’s clothing. It has a measurement of 7 Inch Wide x 2.5 Yards. It is great for doll clothes, white lace dresses, bedclothes, shoes, bags, corsage, and more.

8. SanVera17 African Italian Lace Net Fabrics

Tecido francês nigeriano bordado e cordão de guipura com contas manuais $ 42.99

It is made from polyester and has measurements of Length: 5yds (180inch). Width: 48 inch. Perfect for sewing dresses, shirts, skirts, shawls, scarves, pillowcases, table cloths, and much more.

9. Vintage Lace Roll Floral Italian Lace Ribbon

This dainty lace trim is made from 100% polyester which makes it easy to use and cut. It is best for tutu skirts for the doll, hair bows, wreaths, table teepees, and much more.

10. HOMYHOME Italian Lace Roll

12 in 72.2Ft lace Fabric $15.99

This Italian lace is made from polyester and polyester blend. It also meaures about 11.8 x 3.55 x 3.55 inches. Great for a table runner, tea set mat, cover towel, or DIY materials.

11. Gold Trim Vintage Gold Italian Lace Trim Ribbon

Metallic Sewing Lace Ribbon Embroidery Scallop Edge Lace Fabric $11.99

Confeccionada em poliéster, esta scallopped lace trim is versatile to use. You can use it for your crown tiaras, Jewelry, wedding bridal dress, cake, home party decoration, and more.

12. Europe Long Pattern Inelastic Embroidery Italian Lace Trim

14 cm de largura $ 17.99

It measures about 3.94 x 1.97 x 2.36 inches and is made from 100% polyester. You can make use of this nice Italian lace for your seasonal craft projects, fashion accessories, apparel, home decor accent, and more.

13. SanVera17 Manual Beading African Italian Lace Net Fabrics

Nigerian Saree Fabric Embroidered and Guipure Cord Lace $47.99

It is made from 100% polyester and has measurements of Length: 5yds (180inch). Width: 48 inch. It is great for shawls, scarves, pillowcases, table cloths, curtains, African handbags, and more.

14. Luwigs 3D Flower Italian Lace

7 Pieces Embroidery Appliques Pearl Patch $8.99

Esta 3D lace trim is suggested to be handwash with cold water. This Italian lace is ideal for jean jackets, T-shirts, jeans, bags, vests, hats, backpacks, gear bags, and more.

15. Luxury Beaded Gold Italian Lace Fabric

By The Yard Blossom Embroidery Lace Mesh $36.99

É feito de renda frisada and meshes ahs measurements of Length:1 yard Width:55 inches(140 cm). It is perfect for a wedding gown, prom floor-length gown, party dress, dolls outfits, and more.

16. LaceRealm Floral Stretch Italian Lace

7 Inch Wide Elastic Trim Fabric for Garment $10.99

Este bom tecido de renda elástica is made from 90% Nylon/10% Spandex and measurement of 7.87 x 5.91 x 0.59 inches. Great for DIY headbands, Garters, Bouquets, Hair Ties, Home and Wedding Decorations, and more.

17. H.ebony Ivory Italian Lace Curtains

Conjunto de 63 cortinas de renda transparente de folha longa creme $ 23.69

This Italian lace curtain is made from renda creme and polyester and has a sheer design. It is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, nurseries, kitchens, media rooms, hotels, and more.

18. QianSiLi Italian Lace Tablecloth

This nice lace fabric is made from nylon and is suggested to be hand-washed only. It is suitable for birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers, indoor and outdoor farmhouse décor, and much more.

19. SUTAVIA Italian Lace Patio Tablecloths

It is made from Organza,polyester,and lace and measures 60" Width x 84" Length (152 x 213cm). This nice fabric is perfect for holiday entertainment, restaurant, catering decoration, and more.

20. SUTAVIA Italian Lace Tablecloth Embroidered Cover

This nice Italian lace fabric is made from lace and polyester and measures about 33"×33". It is great for weddings, banquets, entertainment, restaurant, outdoor use, and much more.


Owning a nice Italian lace is an investment. It should not be that expensive since there are tons of them online. You just have to choose the perfect one that will suit your needs and budget. With this, you can now add more elegance and sophistication to your dresses and other DIY projects.

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